First Meeting of 2013!!!

Our first meeting of the semester is this Wednesday at 5:30 in room 1220!  See you there! 


Missed yesterday’s meeting? Here are the minutes!

Stratford Meeting Minutes 9/5/12
We meet every other week, mostly in the Studio Theater
We put on the shows in the Studio Theater, support them, and vote on the proposals for the studio space
You must come to half of the meetings to be able to vote on proposals
Website and Twitter
Updated calendar on the website with show dates and Stratford events
Blog account that will have the minutes
Publicity for a show-youtube page
Talk to Hannah Martin if you cannot find your Topdopg/Underdog
Updating Constitution
Jessica Short will head up a committee starting next month
Anyone interested, email Jessica Short at
The next meeting is Sept 19th at 5:00 p.m., and we will be taking a club photo.
Student Org Night: Friday, from 2-5
Michelle Melton, Skip Lazenby, and Annemarie Scerra will be running the booth
Master Classes with Stephanie Fried
Thursday 5:15-Sound designer from D.C.
Lighting Design master class-art and creative aspect of lighting Sunday, Sept 16
More things throughout the semester
Stephanie is also working with us to do a D.C. Alumni day to network
VTA Screening Sept. 19 3:30-6:30
We will try to come up with a workshop day to work on packages
Package: 90 seconds to sing and do a monologue, 60 seconds for just a monologue, including slating
SETC (South Eastern Theatre Conference)-where you get summer jobs
Any upper classmen interested in helping with workshop, email Amanda Herman.
You do not need to go through VTA to go to SETC as a technician
Dance/Theatre Mixer
Friday night-553 Roosevelt Street
Donate what you can
Topdog/Underdog event-Harrisonburg Scavenger Hunt-Sept 29 at 1:00 p.m.
We will meet in the courtyard, make up a team
Clues to find places around Harrisonburg
Anyone interested can sign up.
Skyline Middle/High School
They need help with their lights, and they want us to come and help lead workshops there on two Sundays
Anyone interested can sign up
Take your underdog to work week-Oct. 8-12
Take your underdog to classes or rehearsals, etc.
Learning about one another’s interests and help with each other’s professional development
Topdogs talk to teachers/directors to get permission
Stratford Thanksgiving-Nov. 15th
Untalent Show-doing something that you don’t normally do
Snowball-Dec. 13th
Wolf is having a screening of The Fellow’s Hip-Oct. 19th at 7:00
Harrison 2105
Talkback afterwards
USITT-Facebook page
Calendar for Workshops
Poster for workshops
Kelsey Brown and Frannie Nejako want to start a playwriting group, and will head up the Student Ambassador
Cameron is head of the Playreaders group-Channel for reading and seeing new work, wants to make it part of the proposal process
If you are interested, sign up.
Student Ambassadors
Kristen Ricca and Zach Nagourney
Putting on a dinner theatre in Dhall
Want help making a script for them-20-30 minute script based off of stereotypes of high school and college students
Student Ambassadors and Stratford Players collaborative project
Anyone interested can sign up and will be able to get in for free
Acting opportunity-2 hours of work-2 tapes of interviews
Good resume builder
Anyone interested, sign up with names and emails
SPARK-Gabrielle Wolfe wants to put together a workshop where she can teach everyone fun theatre games
New and Improv’d-Workshop
Auditions: 10th at 8:00 p.m. in Taylor 405
New Dance Festival-Mainstage
Awake and Sing-Sept. 18-22
Suburbia Sept. 25-30
Suburbia Twitter:
Midsummer Night’s Dream-Verona
This weekend and next weekend
P.Nocio-Bethesda, Maryland-Sept. 29
Black Friars-Tonight, tomorrow, and Friday night-pay what you will-Cymbaline, Merchant of Venice, Twelfth Night
Kelly Conner and Cameron Clarke need Costume Designers for proposals next semester
Minutes by Rachel Novi- Secretary

Welcome Stratford Players!

Stratford Players 2010-2011

Welcome Stratford Players!
Be sure to come to the majors meeting this Thursday at 5:00pm. We will be doing Top Dog/ Under Dog sign ups and discussing all the great things that will be happening this upcoming year!