Meeting Minutes 2/27

Meeting Minutes 2/27
·         Shows!
o   Gruesome Playground Injuries! TONIGHT 8pm
o   UVA Players exchange– they come 4/13-14, we go 4/20-21 and see You Can’t Take it With You and the Festival of Moving Creatures
§  Email Stratford if you are interested and you didn’t sign up
o   Niko is hosting a staged reading of a new children’s musical.
§  Contact him if interested
·         Field trips
o   UVA Players exchange– they come 4/13-14, we go 4/20-21 and see You Can’t Take it With You and the Festival of Moving Creatures
·         Community Service
o   Funny Freakin’ Friday– March 15
o   We provide advertising for event, they let us advertise our upcoming shows at the event
o   SPJ– Sean Byrne? Any new info?
o   5K Walk/Run for Autism– Sat April 6– team leader Aimee Lane
§  Let Aimee know via facebook
o   Mortar Board bookshelves update
·         Dolley Award  Nominations due 5pm March 18
o   You could nominate Stratford, or whatever…
o — see Amanda if you need further access. More detailed descriptions on the website.
o   Emerging Organization (new organizations)
o   Outstanding Student Organization
o   Outstanding Program/Event
o   The President’s Award for Alcohol-Alternative Programming
o   Emerging Leader (freshman/sophomore)
o   The Carrier Award for Outstanding Personal Pursuit of Leadership Development
o   The Taylor Award for Outstanding Individual Contribution to a Club or Organization
o   Pay It Forward Award
o   The Coca-Cola Scholarship Award for Substance Abuse Awareness 
o   The Hall Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award
o   The Bluestone Award for Outstanding Advising
·         APO
o   Workshops-email Amanda
·         USITT
o   Thanks for coming to Franco’s
·         Play-readers
o   Cameron will email about meeting
o   Sign up if interested
·         Play-writers
o   Frannie will let us know
·         Proposals
o   Shane Dreher-Dark Plays or Stories for Boys
o   Ricky Drummond-Godspell
o   Steve Einhorn-A Midsummer Night’s Dream
o   Lina Lee-Pretty Theft
o   Frannie Nejako-Doctor Faustus
o   Whitney Trevillian-Peter Pan
o   Email proposals to Stratford in pdf and word doc
o   Read proposals by meeting after break
·         Constitution Ratifications
o   We had a quorum!
o   Article III was passed
o   Article IV-officers was passed
§  A. President-Passed
§  B. Vice-President-Passed
§  C. Secretary-Passed
·         Moved to replace “facebook” with “social networking”-passed
§  Historian-Passed
·         Moved to adding physical AND digital copy of show publicity-passed
o   Two copies-one digital and one physical
·         Moved to add that the historian should confer with the director of each production about how to obtain production photos-passed
§  Social Chair-Passed
·         Moved to change “facebook” to “social media”-passed
·         Moved to strike winter semi-formal and spring formal (B.)-passed
·         Moved to strike the word “sober” from letter E.-passed
§  F. Freshman Coordinator-Passed
§  G. Website/Social Media Chair-Passed
·         Moved to change “facebook” to “social media”
§  Removal of officers
·         Moved to add a section about rules to impeachment-passed
·         We will finish ratifying the remainder of the constitution to another time

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Meeting Tonight!

There is a meeting today at 5pm in room 2240! Lots of important stuff to go over, including more info on the proposal process! Remember you must have attended at least 3 meetings including the Q+A on March 13 in order to vote. If you haven’t attended any, it’s not too late! Today can be your first 🙂

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