Meeting Minutes 1/23/13

-Cabaret/Freshman Showcase-The week after Spring Break
-Stratford Day-21st of April
-Safari Park-weekend of April 6-7
-Faculty-Stratford Kickball Tournament-April 29th at 5:30 p.m.-tentative
-Stratford Banquet-May 2nd-Thursday of Exam Week
-Two Alumni-This Sunday
            -TV Actor, the other her agent-Megan Tusing and Emily Gipson
            -Sarah Ryland and Amanda Herman will send an email out
            -Sunday Afternoon-willing to watch monologues, look at resumes, ask questions
                        -Acting Lab
                        -6:00 p.m.-E-hall dinner
            -11:15-Emily will do a workshop on business side of TV acting-Studio Theatre
            -12:25-Megan will talk about TV acting-Studio Theatre
            -3:30-5:00-Kate’s auditioning class, anyone is welcome
            -5:15-6:30-Open panel
-Tuesday Morning-8:30-10:00 a.m. farewell breakfast
-Please come to any and all workshops you are interested in.
-Sign-Up sheet is on the callboard
-Jessica will send an email about Constitution revisions
-New Attendance Policy-If you are present at 3 of the next 5 meetings to be able to vote on proposals, and the majority of the meetings this semester to be able to vote on officers at the end of the year
-T-shirts-ideas due February 6th-bring a tangible picture to the meeting
-We will possibly be re-ordering the “Keep Calm and Live in Forbes”
-APO shirts from last semester-next meeting there will be pictures and sign up, or email Amanda
Assistant Historian-responsible for taking pictures, collecting programs and posters, and creating a Stratford Scrapbook
            -Elected: Rudi Ulmer
-Synetic Trip-The Tempest-February 21st to March 24th-Sign up if interested
-Sylvia-light board op, sound board op, three crew members-you would need to be available for the next two weeks
-Equus-Three alumni are a part of it-January 31st through February 24th-Talk to Towers if interested
-ASC shows-email Rachel Novi
-USITT-Tomorrow at 5:00 in Computer lab-meeting for those going to conference
            – trying to have a fundraiser night at a local restaurant
            -email if you have any ideas and suggestions for
            -will post calendar of events soon
            -workshops for interviews, resumes, portfolios with faculty-tentative date-February 17th, sign-up if interested
            -letter to the department from the students-post mortem of the year
            -Cameron will talk to Terry about getting internet in the building
-Next meeting will be February 6th

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