Opportunities this week!

Hey guys! Some cool opportunities are coming up this week! 

Visiting Alumni Megan and Emily’s schedule
Monday, January 28: 10:00 – 10:50am Senior Seminar

11:15 – 12:05pm The Business End of Administration and Management. Actors working with managers and agents. Studio Theatre.

12:25 – 2:15pm The Journey from a Performer with a Live Theatre Background to the Television Industry. Studio Theatre.

3:30 – 5:00pm Audition Masterclass. Open to ALL students in room 2240. Bring material.

5:15 – 6:30pm Open session with students about the transition from JMU student to working professional in performance and other fields in room 1201.

Tuesday, January 29: 8:30am- 10am Farewell Breakfast. Bagels and coffee will be provided in the Green Room.

Special Lecture at UVA with Ken Ludwig (playwright of Lend Me a Tenor, Crazy for You and others)! Friday at 4pm. We will leave JMU at 2:45 and should be back at 6. 

UVA Staged Reading of Ken Ludwig’s Revenge of the Tenor Saturday at 1pm. Leaving probably around noon and expected to be back around 5pm.

Message Amanda about attending either of the Ken Ludwig events.


Meeting Minutes 1/23/13

-Cabaret/Freshman Showcase-The week after Spring Break
-Stratford Day-21st of April
-Safari Park-weekend of April 6-7
-Faculty-Stratford Kickball Tournament-April 29th at 5:30 p.m.-tentative
-Stratford Banquet-May 2nd-Thursday of Exam Week
-Two Alumni-This Sunday
            -TV Actor, the other her agent-Megan Tusing and Emily Gipson
            -Sarah Ryland and Amanda Herman will send an email out
            -Sunday Afternoon-willing to watch monologues, look at resumes, ask questions
                        -Acting Lab
                        -6:00 p.m.-E-hall dinner
            -11:15-Emily will do a workshop on business side of TV acting-Studio Theatre
            -12:25-Megan will talk about TV acting-Studio Theatre
            -3:30-5:00-Kate’s auditioning class, anyone is welcome
            -5:15-6:30-Open panel
-Tuesday Morning-8:30-10:00 a.m. farewell breakfast
-Please come to any and all workshops you are interested in.
-Sign-Up sheet is on the callboard
-Jessica will send an email about Constitution revisions
-New Attendance Policy-If you are present at 3 of the next 5 meetings to be able to vote on proposals, and the majority of the meetings this semester to be able to vote on officers at the end of the year
-T-shirts-ideas due February 6th-bring a tangible picture to the meeting
-We will possibly be re-ordering the “Keep Calm and Live in Forbes”
-APO shirts from last semester-next meeting there will be pictures and sign up, or email Amanda Herman-hermanac@dukes.jmu.edu
Assistant Historian-responsible for taking pictures, collecting programs and posters, and creating a Stratford Scrapbook
            -Elected: Rudi Ulmer
-Synetic Trip-The Tempest-February 21st to March 24th-Sign up if interested
-Sylvia-light board op, sound board op, three crew members-you would need to be available for the next two weeks
-Equus-Three alumni are a part of it-January 31st through February 24th-Talk to Towers if interested
-ASC shows-email Rachel Novi
-USITT-Tomorrow at 5:00 in Computer lab-meeting for those going to conference
            – trying to have a fundraiser night at a local restaurant
            -email if you have any ideas and suggestions for fundraisers-mad.techtheatre@gmail.com
            -will post calendar of events soon
            -workshops for interviews, resumes, portfolios with faculty-tentative date-February 17th, sign-up if interested
            -letter to the department from the students-post mortem of the year
            -Cameron will talk to Terry about getting internet in the building
-Next meeting will be February 6th